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Whether spacious loft apartment or small, charming apartment. The size of our home isn’t really important as long as we feel at home, is it? Especially if it is furnished exactly according to our ideas and corresponds to our personality. However, this is not so easy to implement if the home is charming, but also small. In other words, a small home presents even our experts with very special challenges time and time again.

Of course, there are also a number of effective tips and tricks for the small home that are well known, but no interior designer would tell you of their own free will. We want to reveal a total of 10 of these valuable tricks to you today. So let’s not lose any time and take a look together immediately!

A bright colour scheme for decoration and pieces of furniture

A uniform colour scheme makes every room, no matter how small, appear spacious and above all harmonious. Due to the lack of contrasts, our eyes simply have more time to see the room itself in a room designed in this way – without being caught by visually striking elements. While this trick applies to all colours, it naturally works particularly well with light colours – as we can see very clearly in this example.

Decide for an open layout

Due to the fact that a wall was quickly removed in this area, this Scandinavian dining room makes a very spacious impression, doesn’t it? Due to the open layout, the daylight now also has plenty of space to illuminate the entire room in a natural way. By the way: here, too, the light colour palette makes the room appear larger, while the wooden elements provide a good portion of warmth.

Green plants belong in every good design

Whether you have the so-called green thumb yourself or not: Green plants should not be missing in any good design! Their natural colours bring a lively flair to our own four walls and also improve the indoor climate. In addition, they are also simply wonderful to look at. In the garden trade there are also many plants that are easy to care for and frugal at the same time. An expert in interior greening will surely know the perfect advice for you. And let’s be honest: Can you ever have too many plants?

Use contrasts effectively

As we have already experienced, a uniform colour palette makes the room appear calm, harmonious and at the same time larger. Of course, this works best with light tones that are either neutral or have a light touch of cream. However, if you don’t want to do without colour, you should still use the contrasts very carefully.

A striking cushion decoration or a picture on the wall are the perfect examples. Located in the centre of the room, they become the ultimate eye-catcher – without superimposing the surrounding design.

The right lighting is crucial

Regardless of whether it is a spacious loft apartment or a charming apartment. In both, the right lighting is the be-all and end-all. Of course, the small home benefits in particular if it is optimally and naturally illuminated. Who likes dark corners in their living room? Bright rooms are also perceived as more open and inviting. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve, isn’t it? In combination with an open layout the ultimate tip for the small home!

Use every square centimetre in a useful way

A blind angle, an unnoticed corner. Each of us knows it from his own home. Sometimes it’s not so easy to use every square inch for yourself. But the effort can be worth it. Especially when space is limited anyway. So what about the home office under the stairs? A built-in wardrobe could also be located in the same place. Two great variants that make the otherwise empty room under the stairs perfectly usable.

Discover the mirror trick for yourself

When we’re in the bathroom, we look right in. And also, before we leave the house, we take a quick look in the mirror before we start the day. A mirror also has many advantages in terms of design. Thus the incident daylight reflects and distributes it where it would otherwise not reach without a mirror.

In addition, the optical illusion of reflection makes the room appear much larger. And the best thing about it is that there are mirrors in every furniture store and for every taste.

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