Pendulum Dowsing – Easy To Learn Techniques

Pendulum Dowsing is a really fun as well as basic method to start to measure energy fields. Given that most of us stay in a globe that is comprised of energy, and since most of us have energy in and around our physical bodies, the capacity to identify as well as determine energy can be useful and valuable.

In order to begin to find out the art of Pendulum Dowsing you will certainly require a Pendulum. You can acquire a beautiful Pendulum at a metaphysical shop or you can make one yourself. In fact, a pendant on a pendant chain makes a fine Pendulum. It’s a good idea to make certain that the pendant has a little weight to it. If it is too light you will not have the ability to experience the power analyses as easily.

Simply hold your Pendulum with one hand as well as enable it to hang right. By doing some deep breathing for a minute or two you will certainly prepare on your own to start your Pendulum analysis. Find out more insights about pendulums thru the link.

You may discover that your Pendulum may in fact already be moving on its own. Begin by asking quietly “which method suggests of course?” Your Pendulum may begin to turn or begin to move back and forth or back and forth. Observe what direction your Pendulum moves in when asked “which method suggests yes?”

Next off, emotionally state “thanks” and enable the Pendulum to come to a remainder. Currently, quietly ask “which way implies no?” Observe what pattern of motion your Pendulum makes when asked “which method indicates no?” Once again mentally claim “thanks” and enable your Pendulum to find to a rest.

It is best to stay unbiased as well as relaxed when attempting Pendulum dowsing.

Currently, begin to ask the collection of questions listed below, each time after obtaining the solution, mentally claim “thank you” and permit your Pendulum to return to a neutral state before continuing to the next question.


  • Ask the Pendulum the following questions: Is today Monday? Is today Tuesday? Continue to ask the Pendulum concerning all of the various days of the week. You wish to experience what occurs as well as exactly how the Pendulum reacts when the answer is “yes” as opposed to when the answer is “no”. Given that you already know which day of the week it is, it will certainly be very easy for you to observe the precision of your Pendulum analysis.
  • If you have a pet or a cat, hold the Pendulum over the head of your pet dog and observe what your Pendulum does.
  • Hold your Pendulum over a healthy and balanced environment-friendly plant and observe what takes place.
  • Hold your Pendulum over a dead plant and also observe what occurs.
  • Hold your Pendulum over a healthy food, like fresh fruit, for example, and ask “Is this food beneficial to my health and wellness?”, as well as observe what occurs.
  • Hold the Pendulum over a non-healthy food and also ask the very same inquiry.

Try out your Pendulum. Keep in mind that it is crucial that you expression your questions to ensure that the answer will certainly be either yes or no.

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